vars between classes

Marc Tardif intmktg at CAM.ORG
Sat May 27 17:50:23 EDT 2000

> I don't know if these questions are based on a concrete programming problem
> you're trying to solve or just to help your understanding.  My experience
> (admittedly limited where OO programming is concerned) is that class
> variables are extremely rarely needed.  Even where I've tried to use them in
> prototyping they've never survived into the production code.  I'm sure
> others experiences are different, and YMMV.

Indeed this is related to a concrete programming problem. I'm trying to
write a small class to parse html tables into lists. Of course, I have
searched Parnassus for such code, but what was available didn't support
embedded tables. I'm therefore writing my own class to recursively go
through embedded tables and I think I'm almost there. If you like, I can
send you my code once finished, I'd be very interested in what insight you
could offer.

Thanks for the help

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