What's gives with Activestate?

Don Tuttle tuttledon at hotmail.com
Thu May 4 17:50:41 EDT 2000

"Thomas Wouters" <thomas at xs4all.net> wrote in message
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> On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 12:02:22PM +0000, Don Tuttle wrote:
> > If Activestate really wants to endear itself to the Python community,
> > not develop a centralized repository for all the widely scattered Pyton
> > modules? This would fill a great need at a relatively low cost to them.
> Widely scattered ? Which modules are those ? As far as I know, most can be
> found in the Vaults of Parnassus (www.vex.net/parnassus).

Check out this major resource the Perl community has - http://www.cpan.org
This site is mirrored on many servers around the world.  Think of the
disruption the Starship crash caused.  That could not have happen to CPAN.

It's absolutely wonderful to have Vaults of Parnassus, but this should just
be the first step toward a CPAN like repository and the resources of
Activestate could pull it off.

(Then again, the anacronym works for Python too.  Maybe one of you hackers
could just graft us a tree onto CPAN.  Don't think they'd notice do you?


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