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>Hello all you Python users,
>I am what you call a newbie or in my case some one who knows what varible,
>and other technical terms, but am still struggling at the programming part,
>But I need more info, but keep in mind I am fusy, in other words, no buying
>books! I much prefer on-line manuals (cheap) anyway help needed and I hope
>someone could e-mail me a tutorial, preferably NOT HOW TO USE IT AS A BLOODY
>CALC. I do know that much.

The pages of "Instant Python" (
are really great.  It teaches the language in a few hours.
It touches upon data structures, flow controls, functions, classes, objects,
files, exceptions, modules and more, all with readable and do-as-you-learn

After that the online tutorial on makes a lot sense.

After that you might go for the online module library reference.


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