Case sensitivity/insensitivity

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Sun May 21 15:42:45 EDT 2000

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> This brings up another interesting point... I'm assuming the subjects
> from the Alice project/research would also prefer:
>    'token' == 'Token'

AppleScript (not to be taken as "the only right way") does that:

"token" is "Token"
returns true, while

considering case
    "token" is "Token"
end considering
returns false.

("is" can also be spelled as "=" if one wishes).

And to make AppleScript a bit more fun, there is also
ignoring diacriticals
end ignoring

The latter construct allows, eg,  o mit umlaut (which I'm not going to
attempt over Usenet) to equal plain o, so we could have one
in one of the tokens above.  The default considers diacriticals and
ignores case.

So certainly the Alice folks who had been exposed to AppleScript
would have expected 'token' == 'Token'.

   --John the unhelpful

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