Another salvo in the indentation war? I hope not.

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Sun May 28 17:21:09 EDT 2000

rzantow at wrote:
> This isn't really intended to launch into Yet Another Indentation
> Threat, but I have one plausible argument in favor of some form of
> block marking: When a newsreader, browser, or mail program trashes the
> indentation from examples of Python source, it is a real pain in the
> hindlimbs to recover the original program logic.

And of course there are the whitespace eating nanoviruses! Those are even

Anyway, if newsreaders, browser and mail software really trash the indentation,
we'll have less chance of ILOVEYOU type viruses written in Python. :)

In practice, I haven't really observed such trashing; perhaps because
I'm not in a habit of copying lots of code like that, but perhaps also
because it doesn't happen very often. Besides, if they do trash
indentation, then that'll be hell for maintenance of let's say, C code,
as well. I therefore suggest we don't send large programs by mail, unless
it's in an attachment. :)


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