Problems with HTMLgen tables

Shae Erisson shapr at
Wed May 3 23:52:49 CEST 2000

"Martin Skøtt" wrote:
> Hi
> I'am trying to create an HTML table from a Python script using the
> HTMLgen module. In the following lines you can see my test program,
> the file i read, and the Python output when running it. Can you help
> me solve the problem? (Red Hat 5.2, Python 1.5.1)

> table.body = []
> doc.append(table)
> for line in fila:
>     inf = string.strip(line)
>     table.body.append(inf)

I get the same error on Debian 2.1, Python 1.5.2
As best as I can tell, making an empty body and then appending to it is
something HTMLgen doesn't like. I looked at the documentation for
HTMLgen, and it seems the preferred method is to make your list first,
and then set it to table.body
I got the above to work with this change:

table = HTMLgen.Table()
bodybitz = []
for line in fila:
    bitz = string.split(line,' ')
table.body = bodybitz

It's just a workaround, but I hope it helps.
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