Will Rose cwr at crash.cts.com
Sat May 20 01:41:56 EDT 2000

Guido van Rossum <guido at python.org> wrote:
: Francois Pinard <pinard at IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:

:> Roy Katz <katz at Glue.umd.edu> writes:
:> > 1. Python 3000 may be case-insensitive. 
:> Horror, hell, and damnation!  April 1st should be far behind us by now!
:> I would hate[1] writing with inconsistent casing, with nothing on my side
:> to help me writing consistently.  I much prefer what Python is, today, on
:> that regard.  So, how do I register my vote?  Where do I leave my tears? :-)

: Python is not a democracy.  Voting doesn't help.  Crying may... :-)

:> Besides, is there any real need behind case-insensitiveness?  Or is it
:> just another step forward (backward? :-) on that road that would drive us
:> towards a click-on-the-pink-button-and-hear-the-soft-sound version of Python?

: This is all taken way out of proportion.  I promise that Python 3000
: won't suddenly be introduced without further discussion.  Every issue
: will discussed here and elsewhere and we'll explain why we want to
: change the design.  We'll also explain what we're going to do for
: compatibility.

: In the mean time, we're too busy with Python 1.6 to be able to answer
: each question about Py3k.  Once 1.6 is released I promise to create a
: FAQ about Py3k.

: Some quick answers: for case insensitivity, we'll have tools that
: enforce consistent casing (and maybe the case insensitivity will be in
: the tools alone).

Well, either make it ALL UPPER CASE or all lower case, I don't care;
please do not, repeat not, make it case-preserving and case-insensitive.
That way madness lies.

This a deal-breaker for me; I've written a fair bit of Python, but
haven't spent a lot of time on it and still have a great deal to learn.
If Py3k is going that route, I need to stop wasting time now and resume
my fight with Perl.  When will the Py3k FAQ be out?  July/August?

cwr at cts.com

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