Another salvo in the indentation war? I hope not.

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>On Fri, 26 May 2000 06:26:23 -0700 (PDT), Darrell Gallion
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>> rzantow at wrote:
>> : When a newsreader, browser, or mail program trashes
>> : the indentation from examples of Python source, it is a
>> : real pain in the hindlimbs to recover the original
>> : program logic.
>> Don't use tabs in the source, then all is well.
>Try feeding this to python, then:
>if 1 == 1:
>print "This won't work"
>You'll get a SyntaxError if somebody removes all leading indentation.

You could filter your scripts and replace all tabs with \t.
Leading \ts would then be converted to tabs on the receiving end.

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