HTMLParser tag contents

Paul Prescod paul at
Tue May 9 16:25:49 EDT 2000

Grant Griffin wrote:
> Therefore, for Python 1.6, I would like to recommend that SGMLParser be
> modified to provide a method called "get_tag_contents" (or whatever)
> which can be called at the point of any "end_xxx" to convey the tag's
> contents (which would include not only text but contained tags and their
> text.)  (The reason SGMLParser has to be modified is that its index into
> its "rawdata" array is local to its parser routine.)

You could be parsing a 100MB HTML/SGML document 1 K at a time. I don't
think you want SGMLLIB to keep around the entire 100MB "just in case"
you ask for the contents of the BODY tag.

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