OpenDX Python Wrapper -- any interest?

Phil Austin phil at
Mon May 15 12:32:31 EDT 2000

Randall Hopper <aa8vb at> writes:

>      A while back I wrote a Python wrapper for OpenDX, complete with
> callbacks to Python and exceptions thrown across the DXL layer.  Before I
> devote any time toward preping, packaging, and posting it, I thought I'd
> first see if any others are interested in this tool (e.g. to build Python
> apps which use DX for graphics/visualization under-the-hood).

Yes, I'm trying to ween some government colleagues off of IDL and would
be very interested in a Python/DX wrapper.  There's a chance I will have
a coop student funded next year to work on visualization tools for
the Canadian GCM and for Landsat 7/Terra/Aqua imagery, I'll know in

Regards, Phil

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