Python for CGI w/Apache (httpdapi)

Brand Hunt brand_hunt at
Wed May 3 12:20:05 EDT 2000


I wrote a couple of Python CGI scripts that run fine on my Apache
server, but when I ported them over to the httpdapi (python_module) I'm
having trouble accessing certain environment variables.  I used to use
the os.environ dictionary to access the REQUEST_URI or DOCUMENT_URI
environment variables, but now must use the method on the base class to
obtain this information.

My problem is that this information appears to be lost.

When I wrote the CGI scripts without the httpdapi these environment
variables (REQUEST_URI) would be set to the HTML file that I'm server-
side including the CGI script from.

Any help?


P.S.)  I can't find any other Python newsgroups, are there others that
talk about just Python/CGI stuff? tia.

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