Timing out URLs

Aahz Maruch aahz at netcom.com
Thu May 25 10:15:07 EDT 2000

In article <EBrW4.9131$XW1.106576 at typhoon.hawaii.rr.com>,
Ty K. Kroll <tkroll at hawaii.edu> wrote:
>   Question: Is there any way to set a time-out interval when reading URLs.
>I use urlopen to fetch the pages, but some end up hanging when I hit a slow
>moving page. Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks. -Ty

I wrote a patch for httplib that provided a default timeout, but Guido
raised some questions about the correctness of it that I haven't had
time to resolve.  If anyone needs it, send me an e-mail; if I get more
than a couple of requests, I'll post it.
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