Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not? (was Re: Damnation!)

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>Basically, there are so many more fundamental changes being discussed --
>such as true garbage collection, type/class unification, lexical
>scoping, rich comparisons, strong typing, a new iteration protocol --
>that I'm amazed and a little dismayed that something as relatively 
>trivial as case-sensitivity is dominating the discussion. 

Thing is, I don't think any of these changes directly impacts the "look"
of Python code, particularly at the visceral level.  And the "look" of
Python is what sold many of us on the language, *particularly* those of
us who were initially suspicious because of the whitespace

Computer history is littered with examples of people who took a really
great idea and in the name of "improvement" pushed it in the wrong
direction.  I for one would not want to see Guido's name added to that
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