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tony summerfelt tsummerfelt1 at myspleenhome.com
Tue May 9 12:52:28 EDT 2000

On 08 May 2000 19:11:22 -0400, David Bolen wrote:

> although perhaps doing so is not always of benefit for long
> term maintainability and manageability.

this is a regular argument against perl programming. personally i think the
point is moot, if you can program in perl, you can read your code. i can
still ready all the uncommented c code i wrote ten years ago :)

>      lastline = None
>      while 1:
> 	 curline = input.readline()
> 	 if not curline: break
> 	 if curline != lastline:
> 	     uniq.append(curline)
> 	     lastline = curline

correct me if i'm wrong, but a duplicate of the last line is what's checked?

the code i posted (typos and all) the duplicate items could have been
anyhere in the file:




the perl's hashes make that possible

> Aside from the obvious brevity win of the "while <in>" notation of

actually that code could have been turned into a oneliner easily enough

> syntax) which has drawn me to Python over Perl.

i like the idea of python for larger projects.

> All lowercase text is inherently harder to read and parse visually, 

i've never understood this either :) i don't have any trouble. But for
questions I really wanted answered, I make sure I puncuate properly.

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