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Paul Winkler slinkp23 at
Fri May 12 12:59:22 EDT 2000

Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
(nice code snipped)

Thanks for the example, it's exactly what I wanted. Now I just have
to make my design work the way I want. :)

> >>> w=Thread(target=Waiter)
> >>> w.start()
> >>> Messenger()
> Messenger: hi de ho
> Messenger: Waiter got a message -> hi de ho
> ###
> The way that second line of output appears is a bit of foreshadowing
> of the nasty tricky things that await you down the path of
> multi-threading.

That doesn't look so nasty to me -- makes perfect sense: we're using
the same output (stdout) for Messenger and Waiter! Just use separate
file objects and it's fine.

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