command history in the interpreter?

alex k ak42 at
Sat May 20 13:57:07 EDT 2000


i had python1.52 in linux/mandrake7. when i pressed the uparrow at the
console i could access the command history, so to speak. just like in

now i use slackware7. i installed both python1.52 and python1.6 (the
former replacing the latter). it didn't work in none of them.
all of the arrowkeys type things like ^[[C  ^[[D and such.

the python interpreter in win98 (1.52 and 1.6) also don't give me the
history function.

anyone who has an idea on how to make that work again?
it's so awkward now that i can't even edit the txt without deleting it

is that feature hidden somewhere in the interpreter, or did mandrake
somehow add it themselves?

    thanks in adv. / alex


... ak42 at kurir dot net ...

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