Clifford Algebra

Kirby Urner urner at
Mon May 29 01:18:32 EDT 2000

>The code itself probably won't help you learn the concepts.  It goes too
>low-level when the power of Clifford algebra is in the generality of
>expression.  Playing with the code (hooking it up to PyOpenGL for instance)
>will be helpful and fun, though.
>> Kirby

Hey, drop me a note if you have anything I can look at,
if ya'd be so kind.

I agree that code alone will not make everything 
crystal clear.  However, I think a low level approach
would help balance what I'm finding on the web, 
which rarely stoops to the level of numeric examples
(something all linear algebra books do, if they're
designed to teach, and not just show off how "high
level" the author is).


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