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Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed May 31 01:56:02 CEST 2000

tismer Kaun <tismer at> wrote:

>> > That photo isn't a fake, is it?

>> Of course it's a fake. You didn't see any mention of the PSU in that FAQ
>> either, did you? This is all going exactly according to plan. We need
>> to be prepared for the Whitespace Invasion in 2010.

> Doesn't look like a fake. Strong back, weak mind, that's
> the picture that has been drawn by one of his early
> employers. Maybe we should not take the mind part too seriously :-)

All good fakes don't look like a fake. That sez nutting!

>> And-what-about-Gordon-McMillan-hm?-ly yours,

> Wanna picture? Gordon looks like a wise Indidana, a very tall
> and very pretty guy, dark skin, white hair, soundy deep voice,
> absolutely lovely to talk to, and I can assure your he is one
> of the greatest guys and best friends I ever met - ly - chris

I met him on the last Python conference! I met *you* at the last Python
conference! I just was worrying about his part in the *conspiracy*,
what with the time machine and all. I didn't see anything about him
in the FAQ, so it must be a pack of lies, really. :)

And-Gordon's-a-great-guy-ly yours,

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