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Sun May 21 00:51:07 CEST 2000

Moshe Zadka <moshez at math.huji.ac.il> wrote:

: BTW: Case-insensitivity a show stopper? This boggled me. I mean, case
: sensitivity/insensitivity is the most minor feature of programming
: language. Type declerations, memory management, and even whitespce seem
: like much more earth shaking issues.

I don't like Python's treatment of whitespace, but I can live with it.
Other issues I can just get used to; there seems to me nothing outre
in its type declarations, and I don't care what sort of memory
management it uses (over a minimally effective threshold, which Python
certainly has).  However, if I'm going to be reading a lot of Python
code, I want the stuff to be readable.

No-ones paying me to program in Python, so I'm free to drop the language
if it's too much trouble; what I don't want to happen is to spend a year
or so's free time working with it, and then find that my code is obsolete.
I just don't have the spare time, or the spare interest, to rewrite and
debug that much code.

If Py3K is going to be fundamentally incompatible with Python, may I
suggest a name change to make the shift in emphasis clear?

cwr at cts.com

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