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Phil Austin phil at
Wed May 3 16:51:25 EDT 2000

"Stephen R. Figgins" <fig at> writes:

> Articles are coming in slowly, but I have put one up today.  It is the
> first in a 6 month series on Numerical Python.  
> I would love any feedback you care to give. 
> Stephen Figgins
> fig at

Nicely done.  I'll be using Numpy/Dislin in a 3rd year and graduate
classes this fall, so these mini-tutorials are immediately useful to

Under potential future topics: wrapping legacy Fortran/C numerical
code may be too advanced for this series, but if not, I think a
side-by-side comparison of pyfort and CXX-Array on a fortran or c
function would be extremely useful.  In particular, I don't think
enough people realize what can be done with the new CXX-4.2 release.

Regards, Phil

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