Win32 Serial comms package - where is it???

Sam Schulenburg samschul at
Fri May 12 18:34:45 EDT 2000

Go to and do a search on "serial".
Several packages will show up, the one you are looking for and a newer
one based on Mark Hammond's work.

Sam Schulenburg

In article <8fhrda$2esq$2 at>,
  "Steven Adams" <sada7681 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know whereabouts the Serial communications package
maintained by
> Roger Burnham is?
> in 'Python Programming on Win32' they say it can be downloaded from
> but that doesn't exist - any clues?  (I
did some
> searches on the net but couldn't find anything helpful there either)
> are there any other comparable packages?
> thanks in advance
> Steven

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