PyXML-0.5.4 and Site-Packages

thomas at thomas at
Sat May 27 13:21:19 EDT 2000


I`ve tried to install PyXML-0.5.4 ( actually PyXML-0.5.3 and
python-xml-0.5.1.rpm too with same result ) on my Mandrake 7.0
Linux-box without luck.

No erros during python build or install. The
xml-folder has a file with the __all__ : .... -line.

When I try to use anything but the xml-folder, like
"from xml.sax import *" 
I get a 
"no module named sax"-error.

Then I tried to add a xml.pth in the site-packages-folder, looking
like :


No change.

I`ve tried to install this package before without luck. I just gave up
in the end. But now it`s a vital part of a project, not some private
messing around, so I need it to work. 

Is there a way around the site-package method of doing it? 

Any tips, hints?



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