Pioneering indentation (was Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not?)

Andrew Henshaw andrew.henshaw at
Tue May 30 02:55:09 EDT 2000

William Tanksley wrote:
>A quick comment: Python has very little in the way of innovation.  It
>brings together many tried-and-true mechanisms in a very elegant manner.
>Not even indentation is a true innovation; it was pioneered by ABC before
>Python was born.

In a quick search, I couldn't find the earliest reference to the ABC
language, so you may be correct; however, the Occam programming language
also uses indentation to indicate code blocks.  I started using Occam in
1984(maybe - definitely by 1985).  I believe that the first Occam
implementation was developed by 1982.

By the way, I prefer Occam's indentation rules.  Two spaces, no tabs.

Andrew Henshaw

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