Using strings with ' in them in SQL-queries

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>I need to insert strings with ' in them in query-strings. I`m using
>the PostgreSQL-database. 
>If I try stuff like this :
>db = _pg.connection(....)
>db.query('insert into test (id, name) value (1, 'fdsfds''fdsf') ')
>That works ok. But the string I need to insert I get from a variable. 
>I cannot seem to use a variable in the query-string. Is there any way
>around this? How can I handle characters in strings that may
>comprimise the requirements of a valid sql-statement??

def sqlize(s):
  return string.replace(s,"'","''")

db.query("insert into test (name) value ('%s')" % sqlize(foo))
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