Another salvo in the indentation war? I hope not.

Will Rose cwr at
Mon May 29 11:32:39 EDT 2000

Martijn Faassen <m.faassen at> wrote:
: Philip 'Yes, that's my address' Newton <nospam.newton at> wrote:
: [snip]
:>> If-malicious-somebody's-start-removing-stuff-all-code-is-lost-ly yours,

:> However, removing indentation is more common than removing random
:> characters such as '{' or '}' (or, with Pascal, 'BEGIN'), wouldn't you
:> agree? For example, if someone writes HTML without remember that two or
:> more spaces get treated as one?

:> We're talking about what happens in real life. Indentation is more often
:> smashed than characters are lost.

: That's true, but in real life I haven't seen much indentation smashing of
: Python source yet. Source code is usually transmitted in more durable
: formats; after all if you smash the indentation in C you might get something
: still compilable, but not something very readable. And the thing about source
: code is that it should be human-readable, otherwise we can just as well
: transmit binaries.

It's not a problem with C unless you are trying to patch code and check
the results; otherwise, you just feed the C code through indent to get
your preferred style.  I do that with most code anyway.

However, it's not a major problem with Python, either.  If you are moving
Python code through some system that roaches whitespace (a lot of news
systems used to) just uuencode it (or use MIME?).

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