(gulp) newbie question - portablity of python

Keygrass nospam at sorry.com
Sun May 14 18:01:53 EDT 2000

Oh, I see now.  I have to install Python.   I certainly don't mind
installing Python on my home computer; no problem there.  But I don't have
access to install Python at the unix workstation at my job.  :-(  They use
unix on the Sun systems, I believe.

I could ask a network adminstator if he or I could install Python.  But ...
I don't think it will receive a warm welcome since many files (I strongly
believe they are text based, but I am not 100% sure) are highly sensitive.
I figured they don't want any unnecessary program lurking on the hard
drives, regardless of the benevolence Python could do for us.  Well, I
suppose I will eventually have to ask.  But until then, I need to first back
up my claim with a reliable Python program.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


dana_booth <dana at oz.net> wrote in message news:8fmtjo$3ub$0 at
> Keygrass <nospam at sorry.com> wrote:
> K: So ... my question is this: Is this really too good to be true?  What I
> K: to do it write the program on my  Win98se (at home) and then use that
> K: or .bat file (or whatever extension it is) at work which uses unix.
> TCL/TK also is very portable, and I have written several GUI front ends in
> TCL that call on Python for the "real" work. Both the TCL and Python
> are written and tested on my Linux workstation. When they're ready for
> time, I move them to an OpenBSD server, where they'll reside for the
> users.
> The computer that you intend to run Python on must have Python installed,
> that's all. If you include propriotory stuff like absolute pathnames,
> "c:\program files\..., etc., that's up to you, but other than that, the
> is portable.
> K: Basically, I want a build a program that will replace words and number
> K: another file.  For example, if I had a file called "Outdoor_sports"
> K: contained the word "baseball bat", I would want my program to change it
> K: it would say "football".
> Really easy. Good luck!
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