SystemError: NULL result without error in call_object

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu May 11 11:10:24 EDT 2000

"Gaetan Corneau" <corg at> wrote in message
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> > You _always_ get a tuple of that size, even when you request only 1.

> I don't understand. Look at the following:

>>> from win32com.client.dynamic import Dispatch
>>> ie = Dispatch("internetexplorer.application")
>>> ie.Navigate("")
>>> doc = ie.Document
>>> for link in doc.Links:
...     print link
>>> link
<COMObject <unknown>>

> This uses IEnumVariant, and links are IDispatch, not tuples. I don have
> write:
> print link[0]

The for loop in Python internally calls IEnumVARIANT::Next(1), and unpacks

Similarly, you can say:


And internally we will call Next() to skip to the 5th element and read it.

EnumVARIANT::Next always returns a tuple.  The magic stuff for an
IDispatch object (which internally calls Next) unpacks this tuple for

Does that make more sense?

> > Have you determined exactly
> > what causes the "null result without error" message?  One
> > guess is that you setup the
> > variant as VT_DISPATCH, but leave a NULL pointer in the
> > variant.

> That's what I thought, but it is not the case. I really return the

I checked the code, and that is indeed impossible.  I would really like to
know how this happened, even if it was a bug in your code, just for the
sake of stability...


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