slice object, ellipsis usage? list[2:4:2, ...] what good are they?

Shae Erisson shapr at
Wed May 31 17:38:14 EDT 2000

I recently came across the slice object, and the ellipsis.

I would guess that list[5:11:2] would pull every second item from that
slice of the list, so I think I can dig a slice object.

But, what's up with multiple slice objects being legal in a single
Take for example: list[5:23:2, ...] what the heck is that supposed to

What good is an ellipsis? what can I do with one? what's the meaning
actually supposed to be? I realize that it's a built-in type like None,
and therefore, I can assign any symbolic meaning I wish to assign to it.
But, how did it get there?
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