What's in a name?

Thomas Thiele thiele at muc.das-werk.de
Thu May 25 05:55:29 EDT 2000


Case - sensitivity is very useful. You can name a class "A" and an instance of
it "a".

> Can you name some situations in reading and writing english (heh) where case
> is essential to being understood?

In English not. But we "Krauts" use uppercase for all Nouns. In my Opinion
it's very useful and good readable.
For Instance "ein paar" means "some", and " ein Paar" means "a pair".
In English, France, Russian the whole Text looks equal.

And last but not least case insensitivity is inconsequent!
What's about incorrect spelling?
"elllse" - ok. it's a "else"
strig : the interpreter will know you mean "string" or do you mean your own
module named "stig"?

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