Vim and python syntax question

Charles Boncelet boncelet at
Mon May 8 06:41:05 CEST 2000

Courageous wrote:

> The issue probably is *not* your vim syntax file, but rather
> the defaults that your vim resolves to. I've included my
> python.vim at the end of this, but what you probably really
> want is my vimrc.

(stuff deleted)

You are exactly right.  My real question, that I didn't ask, was
how to set the various colors.  I had examined the vim help
files, but hadn't figured it out.  Your message, though, gave
me the right clues.

> highlight String         guifg=Black      guibg=Yellow
> highlight Constant       guifg=Blue                       font=Courier_New:b:h10

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