zlib in python 1.5.2 missing?

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Tue May 9 19:29:28 EDT 2000

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  Moshe Zadka <moshez at math.huji.ac.il> wrote:

> > I have a quick question regarding zlib module in python 1.5.2.
> > Is any one using it?  If you are where can I find it.  I tried
> > it from both 1.5.2 source and from their CVS tree.  No luck!
> > It seems to be missing zlib.h file.  This file doesn't seem to
> > exist anywhere in their source tree.  If you have a solution,
> > that would be great.
> Download the zlib sources, and install zlib.

Originally downloaded the zlib source.  It compiled fine.  However,
I didn't install it to /usr/local/include or had I tried to compiled
python zlib module with the -I<where the lib build> was.

Thanks for the info.


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