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Wed May 24 21:42:49 CEST 2000

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> Sorry to bother you all but I ran into a problem and after searching
> the archives on comp.lang.python I came up empty handed.
> I finally upgraded to python1.5.2/tk8.3/tcl8.3 on WinNT from
> I went ahead and built python the following projects in Visual C++ 6.0
> as per instructions:
>     python15
>     python
>     _tkinter
> Everything went as planned and I tried the following:

Found the problem. I recompiled python with tk8.0/tcl8.0 instead of 8.3
and it works as expected. I guess the latest release of tcl/tk does not
work with python1.5.2??????????

>     C>python.exe
>     >>> from Tkinter import *
>     >>> root = Tk()
> I then got an "Application Error" dialog message stating that "The
> memory could not be "read". Debugging the application resulted in the
> following error message:
>     "Unhandled exeption in python.exe (TK83.DLL) 0xC0000005: Access
> Violation"
> Does anyone out there in Python-land know what I am doing wrong?
> Everything else appears to be working fine (tried out It
> appears to be a problem with Tcl/Tk.
> Bill Vogler
> PS - please also respond via email also
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