Python on 64 bit/IA-64 ...

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Tue May 9 17:01:47 CEST 2000

Shiv Shankar Ramakrishnan <Shiv at> wrote:
> |Python should run out of a box on any IA-64 Unix; activestate is
> |working on a Win64 port.
> |
> |(afaik, the current CVS version builds and runs under Win64)
> Is this available publicly? I mean is there at least a read only CVS
> access? I couldn't seem to find anything on their site.

I wasn't clear; it's in the official Python CVS repository:

> |it's platform/tool dependent.  all sane platforms use LP64.
> |microsoft doesn't.
> Yes I know. I was more worried about P64 platforms. Any idea which are
> the other insane :) 64 platforms if any? I think maybe Solaris also uses
> a 32 bit long. Or is that due to the fact that I saw that under maybe a
> 32 bit only compiler?


the Single Unix Specification requires ILP32 or LP64, so if it's
using some other 64-bit variant, it sure aint Unix(r).

> |in CPython, a python int is a C long, which means that it's 64 bits
> |on any sane 64-bit platform.   a python float is always a C double.
> If only everyone in the world was sane :) Unfortunately the way MS has
> gone, 64bit crossplatform development with Windows also in mind is going
> to be a little bit of work.

exactly -- I'm usually not microsoft basher, but this one
really annoys me...


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