Optional Underscores (py3k)?

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Fri May 26 03:46:35 EDT 2000

Pete Shinners <pete at visionart.com> wrote:

> with all the talk case insensitive python. i was thinking
> about it and realized this is very similar to allowing
> optional underscores on object names as well.

> if a user prefers the "Words Separated By Caps" style
> (GetValue, ClearScreen) they are welcomed to it. but if
> another user prefers "Words Separated With Underscores"
> (get_value, clear_screen)

Of course, what people mean when they write
"GetValue" or "get_value" is really "get value". So when
will we bite the bullet and dissolve this ambiguity forever
by allowing whitespace in identifiers. Wouldn't you all
want to be able to write:

  my bank account = my bank account + my salary

Or why not:

  if ok to continue and has attr(the current node, "next"):

only-half-kidding-ly y'rs

// Niklas

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