The REALLY bad thing about Python lists ..

Gareth McCaughan Gareth.McCaughan at
Mon May 15 15:55:22 EDT 2000

Michael Hudson wrote:

>> Michael Hudson wrote:
>>> (let ((result ()))
>>>   (dotimes (i n)
>>>     (rplacd (last result) (cons i nil))))
>>> is O(n^2), yet people still manage to program in Common Lisp...
>> .. because they know that instead they can say
>>     (loop for i from 0 below n collect i)
> Quite.  This *is* usenet, but does that really need to be said?
> Cheers,
> M.
> (who vows never to leave anything implicit in a usenet posting ever
> again)

I assume you're saying that my reply was superfluous and
I shouldn't have bothered posting it. I'm evidently being
stupid, because I don't understand why.

  - Because it's about Lisp, not about Python?

    Clearly you can't mean that, since it was you who
    brought the subject up in the first place :-).

  - Because everyone already knows what I said?

    On comp.lang.lisp, obviously that would be true,
    but hardly here.

If I've committed some solecism, I'd like to know, so that
I don't do it again...

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