Bolting a Bison/Flex parser into Python

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Fri May 12 05:09:28 EDT 2000

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 Anthony J Wilkinson  <anthony at> wrote:

>The idl compiler, fnidl, that comes with Fnorb <> does
>this. Full source is included with the distribution. Note that to build
>changed grammar or lexer files you will need to do the following which is not
>yet documented or in the makefile:

omniORB's IDL compiler, omniidl, also builds Python objects, but in a
slightly different way to fnidl. fnidl builds Python objects directly
from bison; omniidl first builds a tree of C++ objects, then converts
them into Python objects later. This means it is possible to create
back-ends in C++ as well as Python. (Having said that, all our
back-ends are in Python since it's so much easier.)

You can get omniidl as part of omniORB 3 or omniORBpy, from:



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