win32 problems

SC Zhong sai at
Tue May 16 21:59:40 EDT 2000

would someone please help me for the two

1. I installed the py152.exe in win98 (japanese
version).  I started IDLE, load a python script for
editing, then exit with 'Ctrl-D', there always will
come an error message from windowns.  The message is
somehow 'pythonw page violation, module: kernel32.dll,
address: ...'.  

2. I have problem setting up my hp workstation for 
a printer, so I wrote a 'print daemon' script, using
the pc as my workstation's print server.  I put
a line 'c:/progra~1/python/pythonw.exe d:/scripts/'
( is my script name) in the registry 'run' so that
it can be started in the background when windows starts.
The script works fine except that everytime I print 
something, a DOS windows will popup and then disappear.
I read that the 'pythonw.exe' is for the silent mode
with no 'console' popup, is it right? what can I do
to get rid of the annoying DOS windows?

thanks alot

Sai c chung

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