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Sat May 13 17:59:13 CEST 2000

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> "Carl Page" <carlp at> writes:
> > The modern replacement (IMHO) for newsgroups is web-archive backed
> > email groups.
> Let me vehemently disagree! :-) 

Me too!

> I rather hate Web archive email.  One has just no means to handle
> high volume efficiently, and has to be on-line all the time
> (something I cannot afford).  

Still in agreement.

> More traditional newsreaders like Gnus are undoubtedly less flashy,
> but they do the job _much_ better.

Yes, gnus is far better.  One of my favourite things is viewing
mailing lists more or less as if they were newsgroups.

> P.S. - If I ought to handle Web archives, and I it occurred a few times by
> now, I swallow everything I can, and turn what I got into newsgroups (using
> ad hoc Python scripts :-), before starting to read for real.  It's a lot
> of work for me, but I've the feeling that I win time on the overall process.

Did you know you can get mbox format archives for all of the mailing lists?  Look in<name-of-list>.mbox/

Then just dump the file in nnmail-procmail-directory and you're away!


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