Python and SOAP - is anyone washing up a storm?

Gogmagog tourist at
Sun May 21 13:01:32 EDT 2000

I understand that SOAP has been accepted as "note" status by WC3 and is
being considered by the IETF as a standard for heterogenous systems to make
RPC XML calls. Although originated by Microsoft, Simple Object Access
Protocol (SOAP) has gained industry acceptance. IMHO, it marks also a
decision by Microsoft to defend the market they have rather than embracing
and extending.

I am aware of DCOM  and CORBA work in Python, but is anyone coding up Python
middleware to handle this oncoming SOAP standard?

The Burton Group sees it as being the most significant XML proposal and a
means for B2B "plug and play" components to interacy in a multiplatform
environment. There's going to be a lot of Linux *and* Windows about...

Comments? Questions? Abuse?

Ian Clark.

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