Linux Processes from Python HOW-TO?

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Thu May 4 17:03:37 EDT 2000

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 10:15:45AM -0700, Benyang Tang wrote:

[ in reply to my blabbering about processes ]

> Can this process manipulation be done for Windows 95 or 98?

Yes, all except fork(). Also, the exact technicalities are slightly
different under Windows, as far as i know. The way you point to your
executable, for instance ;) Windows does not have something that can serve
as a replacement for fork(), however. If I recall correctly, this was one of
the changes Microsoft and ActiveState were going to bring -- a way to
simulate perl's fork() (which is the same as Python's fork(), which is just
the standard UNIX fork())

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