Case sensitivity/insensitivity

Frank V. Castellucci frankc at
Sat May 20 08:31:54 EDT 2000

Courageous wrote:
> I thought about this for a while, and my suspicion is that
> the first negative reaction that people have against case
> insensitivity is probably the instinctive (and false) idea
> that everyone would be writing python programs without case.
> The occasions in which you really want to have variables/
> attributes which differ by case alone are quite rare. About
> the only time I have ever seen this regularly is in some
> types of code where accessors (in c++/java) differed from
> private attributes only in case, ala:
> class Myclass
> {
>         private int      myvar;
>         int Myvar();
> }
> I can't really see any other real use of actual case sensitivity
> in the language. Does anyone out there actually make use of
> case sensitivity?
> Truly curious.
> I guess what I'm saying is, now that I think about it,
> "so what, no big loss."
> Kind of like the braces, only far less consequential.
> C/

IMHO there are three (3) aspects to case sensitivity:

1. It is a compiler identifier semantic ( Self is NOT self is not SELF )
2. Readability, with, of course, some kind of consistency style standard
3. Descriptive, with certain methodologies the case is used to delineate
type, action, and purpose

I appreciate and utilize all of them.

Frank V. Castellucci
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