Python on 64 bit/IA-64 ...

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Tue May 9 06:27:04 EDT 2000

Shiv Shankar Ramakrishnan write:
> Has there been any work done to make Python take advantage of a full 64
> bit environment?

Python runs just fine on 64-bit platforms.

> More specifically is anyone working on an Intel IA-64 port of Python?

Python should run out of a box on any IA-64 Unix; activestate is
working on a Win64 port.

(afaik, the current CVS version builds and runs under Win64)

> In particular if one were to change the sources for this then which data
> model would one follow - LP64 or LLP64 (P64)? Which model have people
> used for existing 64 bit platforms if they did a port?

it's platform/tool dependent.  all sane platforms use LP64.
microsoft doesn't.

> AFAIK Python Int is now mapped to a 32 bit int and Long is unlimited
> precision (emulation). Floating points are m/c dependent but mostly
> doubles.

in CPython, a python int is a C long, which means that it's 64 bits
on any sane 64-bit platform.   a python float is always a C double.


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