Python Front End to Dos Progrrams?

James Pannozzi James_Pannozzi at
Wed May 10 14:53:49 CEST 2000

Yes thanks, this sounds like a good idea.

I tried out the "expect" from my Cygwin bash but I get a message that it
can't find init.tcl and that it thinks my tcl 8.0 was not set up properly.

I'll investigate this furthur.

Thanks Again

"Mirko Liss" <n89553 at> wrote in message
news:3916D0CE.A85E9EDB at
> James Pannozzi wrote:
> > Has anyone ever written a Python front-end to DOS based programs in
> > the user clicks on a menu  and then the Python program generates the
> > set of goofy dos app keypresses and sends it to the dos app?  Is this
> > do-able?
> I suppose you need two different things:
> a. The python equivalent of the expect - command which is available
> under Unix.
>    expect parses the standard output of an application and feeds to its
>    standard input. There are various packages available at
> or
>    at the Vaults of Parnassus.
>    Some are plain wrappers around Unix's expect, some emulate expect.
> b. A Python GUI toolkit to create window frames, buttons, etc.
>    Tcl/Tk and Tkinter are already included into the W95 Python
> Distribution.
>    You might only need some documentation how to use Tkinter.
>    wxPython suits me fancier, but that's just my own silly opinion.
> friendly regards,
> Mirko
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> M Liß, Tel 05251-740120 <liss at>

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