ANNOUNCEMENT: Python Development Team Moves to

Tim Peters tim_one at
Tue May 30 21:00:27 EDT 2000

[Paul Magwene]
> Oddly enough, I found the most exciting part of this
> announcement (other than the news that Guido et al. will be
> devoting their full efforts to Python) to be the fact that I
> can now put a face to the name "Tim Peters" (see
> ).
> That photo isn't a fake, is it?

It excited me too, and it's certainly no fake.  I had never seen myself
before, at least not in the way people see me.  It's hard to believe that an
entity could fall in love at first sight with its own image!  I have learned
a lot about people from this experience, and I'm sure Python will become
more narcissistic as a happy result.

However, from analyzing several pvt e-mails, I think people misunderstood
the photograph rather badly:  that thing with the giant head and the cone on
top is just the transceiver linking me to the timbot mainframe.  My SIMIAN
(Semi-Intelligent Mankind Interaction Activity Node -- the closest thing to
"me" in the photo) is actually the adorable little unit in the lower right
corner, misidentified by several as a monkey head.  A monkey?!  Let's get
serious, folks -- Python is Big Business now, and playtime is over.

next-thing-you-know-they'll-mistake-barry-for-his-guitar-ly y'rs  - tim

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