database connection

Paul Boddie paulb at
Wed May 3 10:37:48 EDT 2000

Miguel wrote:
> I want to connect to a database using odbc. I have been searching the entire
> www (almost) for the difference between odbc and ODBC. Now I turn to you,
> could anyone explain the difference to me?? Is it possible to run ODBC on
> any plattform?? Would it be better if I used a specific module for my
> particular db??

I think that 'odbc' may be being used to refer to the Windows-only ODBC
extension module, whereas 'ODBC' may be being used to refer to either the ODBC
standard or perhaps the 'ODBC' package which one gets when unpacking mxODBC.

mxODBC and the 'ODBC' package within it can be run on a number of platforms, and
I have had quite a bit of success with it. Certainly, it is closer to DB-API
conformance than many of the database modules I have seen.

Take a look at this page which I made when I started to experiment with mxODBC:

Have fun! (I'm sure you will...)


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