Stackless/microthreads merge news

Jeff Senn senn at
Wed May 10 08:55:05 EDT 2000

Christopher Medalis <chris at> writes:
> #:And Jeff Senn writes:
> #: - 
> #: - Several times I have considered what it would be like to have a
> #: - 'simple-unified-VM' that supported continuations (if not full
> Please don't hurt me for this one, but I know of one plan for the "run
> every interpreted language VM" :
> Windows Script Host ( aka: "I am the thing that lets vbs viruses cause a
> billion dollars worth of damage in a few days")

Note I said "simple" and "unified" -- neither of these adjectives
applies in the least to describe WSA... :-)

Neither is there any tractable notion of unified types or

(Also note that it is MS's insistence that the default setting be
"screw-up-the-world-for-the-novice-user" that is really causing the
problem -- I wonder if someone will sue them.... ;-) )


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