Schwartzian Transform in Python?

Tom Loredo loredo at
Tue May 16 17:26:18 EDT 2000

Tim Peters wrote:
> [François Pinard]
> > The "technique" called Schwartzian Transform by Perlers is as old
> > as earth (OK, OK!  I agree we should put eternity in some relative
> > context, here :-).
> >
> > I just wanted to say that I'm surprised that someone could so easily
> > give his name to such an old technique.  I presume that there is
> > some confusion between the syntax and the method?
> I don't think Mr. Schwarz named it after himself, it was an honor bestowed
> upon him by a grateful community.  Just another instance of "new money for
> old rope" -- most people who get a reputation as a computer genius do so by
> recycling 18th-century mathematics <wink>.

Historian Stephen Stigler published a paper titled (IIRC)
"Stigler's law of eponymy" several years back.  It documents several
examples of Stigler's law which goes something like: "No idea is
named after its original discoverer (including Stigler's law)."

Tom Loredo

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