Python Plans from ActiveState

Don Tuttle tuttledon at
Thu May 11 21:49:37 EDT 2000

<David Ascher>
> Here's a heads-up regarding some of the things that ActiveState is
> in the short term for Python users everywhere:
>   - as Python 1.6 is released, we will be publishing an ActivePython
> distribution.  This distribution, like ActivePerl, will allow easy binary
> installation on Windows, Solaris and Linux.  It is intended as an
> alternative to the source distribution and to Guido's installer for Win32.

??? Will this just be the standard Python distribution packaged by
Installshield or the like, or will Activestate be adding new Python code or
changing the existing Python code in ActivePython?

>   - our website ( will be reworked to highlight our
> Python efforts and provide Python-related information, Python-related
> openings, etc.

Great news!


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