help with COM and Excel

Eric Hagemann ehagemann at
Sun May 14 08:33:18 EDT 2000

Anybody done much with Excel and COM?

I am trying to get some COM stuff working -- specifically to generate a

I have been able to open excel, create a workbook and push data into it.
Further I can create a charts but now I am stuck on how to add data to the

I know I need to add a 'SeriesCollection' Object but when I try


I get an 'attribute error'.  In this context SeriesCollection referes to a
function to select _which_ series collection you want (As far as I can tell)
and not an object (which is what I need to attach data to).  I can find the
SeriesCollection Object initself and indeed it has an Add method.  But I
cannot seem to get to or add the object to the Chart Object.

Anybody tried this already  ?


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