os.linesep under Windows

Brandon Irons brandonirons at topmail.de
Tue May 30 15:41:46 EDT 2000

  import os
  import sys
  sys.stdout.write( os.linesep )

  Under Windows, run this program with:
  python test.py > huh.txt

  The result is a file size of 3 (not 2) for huh.txt.  This is because
sys.stdout.write( os.linesep ) is equivalent to:

sys.stdout.write( os.linesep[0] ) # aka '\015'
sys.stdout.write( os.linesep[1] ) # aka '\012'

  and, apparently, when writing a '\012' to stdout, this is expanded
0D 0A

  When writing os.linesep, I expect to get: 0D 0A in the output (under
Windows.)  Instead I get: 0D 0D 0A.

  So now I have hard-coded my newline because I can't use os.linesep.
NL = '\012'

sys.stdout.write( NL ) # yields the expected 0D 0A

  So what use is os.linesep if it works in a useless manner under


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